ESRD Patient Stakeholders meeting

Hi y’all,

Medicare only gave about 2 weeks notice of a meeting in Baltimore (9/4) about the ESRD Networks for patients & patient advocates.

If you live in the Baltimore area and want to go to this meeting, you can register by checking out the info on this page: (Click the link for 8/28 meetings).

If you don’t live in the Baltimore area and can’t go–as I suspect most folks can’t, I’m going, and I’d love to hear from you. The agenda has these questions:
1. What characteristics would your ideal dialysis facility have?
2. What challenges to patients face at the dialysis facility?
3. How can ESRD Networks reduce disparities of care among minorities
and ethnic groups?

4. What patient experiences will best optimize ESRD patient care,
treatment, and options?

5. How can the Networks best support facilities to help patients who
have trouble following their treatment plans?

I’ll make a list of answers I get from y’all, so please tell me what to share with Medicare on your behalf.