Fast heart rate

i have notice my heart rate is faster in the 90 and sometime 100 is this normal? would like to hear from others with the same problem and what did you do.

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I, at one time, had a very high HR. It went as high as 140’s when I stood for final pressures. I kept asking my neph and staff about it, but no one had a good answer. One RN said that it was normal for some patients, but I didn’t buy it. Then I moved and went to a new unit. There the machine peramiters were different. I have never had a high HR again. So, I know the machine settings is one reason for high HR.

I have never had a neph who is hands on with the machine. I find that rather scary as I would think it is necessary for the neph to know how the machine peramiters affect my body. And I have had no nursing staff whose education goes far enough that they comprehend how to individualize a tx. Individualizing the tx is not even their goal. But I have had nephs and staff who are totally willing to adjust the tx peramiters if I provide the reasoning to do so. In my opinion, more ed. is sorely needed in this respect. The dialysis tx is a fine balance and must be individualized to each patient’s needs.