Faster heart rate?

One thing I’ve noticed about even just switching back to short daily from nocturnal for a week is that my heart rate is much faster. I have no idea why. The other day, I think it was the second day on short, I had to phone my nurse for instructions because when I took my pre-treatment BP, my pulse was 120. There must be something about the body adjusting to different levels of something in the blood and/or cells. I guess it would settle down after a while. Thankfully, a courier has just delivered some new bloodlines and I’m back on nocturnal tonight.

A positive thing about being on short daily was that, as a long-time night person, it was nice to be able to get up and do whatever I wanted during the night. That’s the one thing I miss on daily nocturnal.


Don’t know whether the world needs to know this but I miss a good cuddle and am thankful for the off nights :wink:

LOL, I know what you mean. Those off nights are precious. There’s always mornings too, after getting off. We have complete freedom as to timing, so, sometimes what I do is start my tx a little earlier and get off earlier so I can go back to bed. Oh yes, 4 or 5 am, I’ve done that often.


I’m not meaning to get too personal, but just for curiosity sake, what would happen if you were intimate while you were on dialysis? Has anyone asked the training nurse or doctor if you were careful with the needles, whether there would be any risk if the dialysis patient were the less “active” partner? With the blood flow as low as it is for nocturnal, would being intimate add that much stress to the heart? Is it that those of you who are being remotely monitored don’t want the techs watching the screens to have a stroke worrying about you? People on CCPD can be intimate on the cycler. It seems like people on hemodialysis could be too. I hate to think that people on nocturnal dialysis can’t enjoy some “cuddling” while on the machine. That’s one of the main reasons why I always thought in-center nocturnal wouldn’t be as good – because you and your partner would miss the closeness and cuddling.

Hah Beth, I hadn’t thought of heart rate and “cuddling”. We don’t have remote monitoring down here, that would be interesting!
I do know of a gentleman in his 60’s on nocturnal who says he has worked on a technique for getting intimate whilst dialysing.
Me, I do just like a plain old real live cuddle while I am on. Once I have finished Freni goes into the wardrobe, all traces of dialysis are removed from bedroom so we can feel “normal” for a while.
I personally, don’t feel the “urge” to get that intimate (and I am sure hubby feels the same, he would be worried to death) while I have a large machine that sounds a bit like a washing machine going and have a mile of bloodlines dangling from the arm! (come to think of it,it IS a washing machine!) Not at all romantic in my books.
Anyone else game to touch this one? :wink:

I think there might be some inherent physical limitations while on dialysis that might make some more advanced levels of intimacy impossible for most men, if you know what I mean. Is Viagra dialyzed :slight_smile:

Cuddling would be fine, I guess, assuming the partner remains aware and careful about those needles and bloodlines - and to be honest, that’s taking a big chance.

Personally though, I think even the most functional needle/fistula setups are going to be pretty sensitive to any serious movement.


Speaking of your sexuallity of all of you, have you felt better now that your at home doing nocturnal compared to 3x week? Better or the same as before ever starting dialysis? :roll:

Certainly more energy, less quick to get short of breath. Specifically, no shortage of libido, and the plumbing works better :slight_smile:


Haven’t really ever been in centre but I can say I haven’t noticed any difference from before. All still happening here from a womens point of view :wink: