Feeling ill on certain exchange

Hi im new to these forums but not to dialysis. Ive been on PD dialysis for 3 and half years now but what i want to no is do other people feel ill after certain bags after they have done a dialysis exchange. Say you feel ok after the first one but your 2nd exchange str8t after you feel ill and tired but then you do your 3rd and you feel fine again. I was just woundering if it was the bags at fault or just coinsidence.? And to top it all of ive just gotten over being today. its the first time ive actualy eaten something since sunday morning. All ive done is drink water and tea. And i treated my self to fish thingers and chips. I normaly eat healthy but i was just cravin for that and now feel fine. There is a bug going round at the moment where you get the runs and sicknes i had it since sunday. I thought i would tell you so you can all prepare. :slight_smile:


I’ve not experienced getting ill on certain exchanges, but I do the cycler at night. Sometimes if I use a stronger solution at night, I wake up feeling dizzy and very thirsty, but not nauseas. You should tell your DR about that. It could be something not related to dialysis at all.

I did PD for 4 years but I never noticed that. I had dehydrated myself on PD before and I also had the runs on PD as I wasn’t doing a strong enough percentage dose but I never really felt ill with certain exchanges. I agree with Shay. Bring it up to your renal staff. Maybe they know what it could be. After all, everyone is different but they might have come across that before!

Have you checked your blood pressure when you feel ill and tired? It may be that when you’re feeling ill, your blood pressure is outside the normal range (high or low). If you ate something that was salty and felt better, it may be that your BP was low or it may be that you normally have high BP and when it drops into the normal range, you feel sick.

If you’ve not been eating very well, you could be feeling tired because you’re malnourished. PD removes a lot of protein that needs to be replaced through table food or nutritional supplements. Check out the nutrition module on Kidney School:

How’s your hemoglobin/hematocrit? Anemia can make you feel tired. Check out Kidney School for that too.

Are you feeling depressed? Depression sucks energy out of you. There’s a module on Kidney School about coping with kidney disease too.

If you haven’t been seen at your clinic recently, you might want to call to get an appointment to get lab tests done and to talk with your home training nurse, doctor, dietitian, and social worker.