Fistula Needles

I’ve been back on hemo since May. My wife and I trained on the Nxstage. All is well except one thing. My wife does the cannulating, and the center will only supply us with rotating type needles. I am looking for someone who will supply us (I can get an Rx) with non-rotating needles. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

Can you explain a bit more? Are you using AV Sharp needles? Or are you using buttonhole needles?

I use Nipro sharp needles. Here are the codes on the box: Model 15gx1"HTC-30W Reorder# FA+152530BCR

Okay, but what’s “rotating” vs. “non-rotating”? I’ve never heard that word used with regard to needles, either.

Where the needle and tube pass through the butterfly tabs used to insert the needle, some needles are fixed to the butterfly so that the needle does not rotate. The rotating needles are used to improve pressure(flow) through the needle by rotating the needle and the tube without untaping the butterfly once the needle has be inserted. ( I hope that is clear, I am not good at explaining things)

Do the needles that the center supplies have a back eye? If they do, you don’t need to “rotate” or “flip” the needle. We used to flip the needles in the old days when they didn’t have “back -eyes” like they do now.

Dang, what frightens me is that if Pabblo us using NxStage daily and using sharp needles, my gawd…his fistula is gonna scar quite fast!

Yes the needles we use have a black dot. And no, I am not on daily dialysis. Thank you for the advice and comment. At any rate what I am looking for is a supplier for the non-rotating needles. Can anyone help?

You might want to check with MediSystems…