Fluid retention

my pd machine sent 47 pounds fluid into my body instead of draining off cannot do hemo fislure or graft do not work canot take surgert ti put in a port doin mannuel every 3 hours six bag a day weight is not moving can barley walk Help

I am not a doctor, but this needs to be resolved. You may need to do more than manual exchanges especially if your catheter is not allowing fluid to drain. Have you reported this to your nephrologist? Is there a possibility that you’re so constipated that stool is blocking the outflow? Your doctor can prescribe medication to help relieve that. Your catheter may have moved to a location where it’s no longer in the lower part of your peritoneal space or it may be blocked. You may need a scan called a KUB to determine where your catheter is and whether it is blocked. Here’s a blog by a doctor about flow problems with PD catheters. “Let’s Talk About Peritoneal Dialysis” Post 2: When There’s No Flow… - Renal Fellow Network