Fluid seeping from arms during and after dialysis-

My husband recently began hemodialysis. Had been on PD prior to this. Receives hemo through a central line. Since starting hero, he has begun “seeping” fluid through his arms. The Tech at the center tried to pull off more more fluid, the seeping increased. My husband developed orthostatic hypotension while on PD and low albumin. I know that albumin plays a role is fluid balance. Should more fluid be “pulled” or should the album be corrected first?

Correcting the albumin may help with hypotension so that his blood pressure can stay up to remove fluid . On HD, the tech can give 25 percent albumin which can be done in a hospital . Normally as outpatient , albumin is expensive and normal saline is given which doesn’t help as much . Midodrine can be ordered as well by your nephrologist .

The real question is why is he having “seeping” through his arms ? Does he have a central obstruction in his upper vascular system? Why a catheter? No graft or fistula because of poor veins ?