For those interested in NxStage Service

It happened!! I went to get on yesterday, got a weird error message, tried everything in the book to reset, but couldn’t. Called Service at 10:30 pm their time (7:30 my time) and got a tech within minutes. Said they would need to send a replacement but he wasn’t sure when they could get a machine to me. Worried all night thinking I might not be able to get a replacement machine until Monday. 7:30 am got a call, he said he didn’t want to wake me too early (talk about caring service) saying a replacement machine would arrive between 10 and 11 am!! Barely, 12 hours after calling late at night on a FRIDAY, and on the total opposite coast from them !!

I wasn’t sure I could be more impressed, but I sure am!!

home hemo 9/04

So this was your first emergency service call to them? This really great to hear from you…My first emergency call to them was last year…following next day I recieved the new machine… 8)

Yes it was my first emergency call. I had called once before on a minor problem. It has been about 6 months I have been using this particular machine, guess it figured it was time for a break!!


Glad you got good service. As competition heats up, that’s what patients will be looking at. Is the agreement with NxStage that if a machine breaks down, they will definitely replace it within 24 hours, or is the agreement that they will try their best to replace it in 24 hrs, no guarantees?

Guranteed, we’re talking about you life here!.. 8)

I have no agreement with NxStage, my unit does, so I have no idea what it says, what I care about is what they do and I think that getting a machine all the way across the country after a call at 10:30 pm on a Friday night by the next morning is pretty darn impressive. Much faster than I would have had a tech here if I had called Fresenius at that time, never had weekend service from them.


When I was in training my machines fan broke down. They replaced it the next day I think. I used the centers one for one day. NxStage’s technical and ordering service people have been super nice. They also seem to be interested in how their product is performing. We have been having trouble with caps falling off before we get them out of the bags. NxStage wants us to send the bags to them. Also we had a cartridge that the Heparin pump line didn’t work on. They are supossed to be sending us a box to send the cartridge back to them.