Former home dialysis patient

I am a former home dialysis patient. I had a kidney transplant in 2013. I am currently a home health aid. I don’t know whom to speak with or how to go about what I am trying to do. I want to start a business that provides dialysis patients with a partner so they can have their dialysis treatments at home. Not everyone can get a partner to do the training with them. Sometimes their significant other or family maybe too afraid to help, that is where I would come in and provide my services as a home dialysis partner.
The only experience I have is being a former home dialysis patient. I don’t know if I need to be a certified dialysis technician, or medical assistant, or certified nurses assistant, and or phlebotomist to start. Can someone please give me some advice? I live in Florida, if that helps. Thank you.


Unfortunately, being an Australian in Australia, I am unfamiliar with the vast array of differing rules, regulations, requirements, and restrictions placed around home dialysis care in the US. They differ state to state, even from hospital to hospital or dialysis service to dialysis service. It is mind-boggling. Here, we are nationally blessed with a single provider, single payer, universal health care system that offers easy-to-follow minimal restriction dialysis (and other healthcare) guidelines that are nationally devised, and widely agreed.

My apologies, but I could not advise further about the rather mangled [to non-US eyes] mish-mash of rules and restrictions that gird US dialysis providers, dialysis users, and those who seek to help them. I can only suggest you talk with one or more of the licenced teams that already provide home training in Florida to see what training practices might be formalised into a ‘good samaritan’ training program within your state and other US jurisdictional regulations. Here, there would likely be few issues with a professionally supervised program. In Florida? … well … it is a ‘?’ mark.

Thank you very much for your response. Stay safe in Australia. Stay blessed.
Kiké Denton