Fresenius - Very bad - Oklahoma

Fresenius nurses and techs are so bad yeah there’s some good but majority are terrible and even the good ones listen to the bad ones going through a power trip. I wish they would focus on getting the dialysis down properly and efficiently rather than their emotions. They threaten to take a patient family member of mine off several times simply because they don’t like what she’s doing, they are discriminating her because she does what other patients too but she’s the only one that gets treated like that. I mean seriously, literally risking someone’s life because you want to get your point across? I thought humans were low but I didn’t know they didn’t care that much like why don’t you get a job where people’s lives aren’t at stake let alone, dialysis patients already have depression and anxiety and these nurses who verbally and physically abuse patients (yelling at them, calling them mean names, threatening to take them off the machine, even going as far as taking them off the machine) I mean just imagine, a nurse goes to a dialysis patient and treats them like garbage, in response, the patient starts experiencing more anxiety and depression, IN RESPONSE, the nurse TAKES THEM OFF THEIR MACHINE? FOR A PROBLEM THEY CREATED? It makes me sick to my stomach how they are so racist and rude to refugees. I have never seen this happen to anyone of the patients their except my family. I hope justice is served and this ends, because I’m not going to lose my family member over a lousy nurse. It’s greed what drives them, they feel no remorse for punishing patients.

What is your family member doing or saying that is getting staff to threaten to take her off the machine? It does happen occasionally that patients and staff have miscommunication that can lead to patient complaints. When Patients have concerns about their care and treatment, they can first talk with the staff and express how that treatment makes them feel. If that doesn’t work, they can talk with the social worker about the poor treatment being as specific as possible and ask the social worker to advocate for her. She can also file a complaint. The dialysis clinic should have given her information about how to file a complaint and the numbers should be posted in a common area of the clinic. She could make an appointment to talk with the facility manager. If she wants to, she could ask for a family conference with the doctor and anyone else she wants there. She could complain to management within the dialysis company’s chain of command. She can also complain to the ESRD Network whose number is (800) 472-8664. She should ask for the patient services coordinator. She can complain to the state survey agency, which is OK State Department of Health whose number is (800) 234-7258.

Finally, it sounds like she’s doing in-center hemodialysis. If she wants to be in more control, she might want to consider getting training to do either peritoneal dialysis or home hemodialysis. She could do either of those in the comfort of her home on her schedule (as long as she gets all prescribed treatments) and only go to the clinic 1-2 times a month. She would be working with the home training nurse instead of in-center staff and she may form a more positive relationship with that nurse.