Fresenius vs NxStage Nocturnal

I did not know that you could do nocturnal with the NxStage machine. I would love to hear from those of you who are. How many hours and how many times a week do you dialyze? Are there many alarms to keep you from sleeping well? Do you as well and is your labwork as good as on the Fresenius? How would you compare the Fresenius and the NxStage?

There are some posters here doing noctural with the NxStage. Maybe if I post this will come to the top and you’ll get some answers.


Thanks, Marty. I really appreciate your help.

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HI there;

We are using the NxStage for Nocturnal (3 Months). Was also using the Fresenius 2008K for almost 5 years doing nocturnal.
NxStage Fresenius
Blood pump 200 200
Time: 7 hrs 7 Hrs
Days: 6days/week 6days/week
Alarms: Average 3/week average 1/month

The Fresenius is a true in-center machine… Big and bulky
Set-up difficult also maintanence and disinfecting. RO water system Checks, maintanence and disinfecting.

NxStage… Machine is very portable but heavy… You can take it with you when you travel… Incase of emergency (like Katrina) you can pack it in your car and take your supplies and leave the area, check into a MOTEL and set-up and do your dialysis… We can continue doing nocturnal or switch to a short daily treatment… The set-up is very simple… Easy to learn to do. almost no maintanence…(Once a month clean a sensor) daily wipe down… What could be esaier. If my machine breaks down I could have one sent to where ever I am (at home or traveling somewhere) UPS next day… this service is only in the USA. We had a few days when parts had to be ordered for the Fresenius and ended up having to go to a dialysis center to be dialized because the parts were not available for a few days… also Had problem one three day week-end and also had to be checked into a clinic or go th the hospital emergency room to be dialized…


Like hemohelper said Nxstage can be done nocturnally.
We are doing it also.
Hubby is the dialysior, me the “HELPER” I really do everything for him.
The difference between the Freni and Nxstage is like night and day as far as cleaning.
Hubby is 120K and we do 60L at night for 8hrs 6 nights a week and his numbers are great!
As well as his labs.
We are monitored on the internet nightly.
If you set up the machine properly there are no alarms.
We have not had an alarm in weeks.
Please fell free to e-mail me and I will gladly answer any questions.

Hi Marty,
Talked to Shari yesterday and looks like you will be on Nxstage in Feb.
Hope I am not giving you out a secret :slight_smile: but you will love it.

Pat, I didn’t know but I had told Chris I wanted to train either in Feb or March and she said she would have Shari talk with me at Clinic. You have made my day. I was beginning to think it was never going to happen.

Please play dumb, Chris keeps accusing me of knowing too much before her.
You will love it. If you have any problems once home. Just call me.
I am happy I made your day.
Was at clinic on tuesday and the regular nocturnal program is moving to the Baby K machine and they were all learning it.
They are also getting the RO’s like you have at home.
Chris said didnt we want to come back and I said nothing personal(Freni Lady trainor heard me) but I’ll keep the Nxstage!

Pat, Got no problem playing dumb. Wise decision on staying with NxStage. The baby K’s are easier to learn because of the screens but the maintenance remains the same. The aquaboss RO’s don’t breakdown anywhere near as often, the cleaning is easier, and they are quieter. You still have to devote a day to cleaning though because you need to go from the acid to the minnecare and you have to be there after the minnecare rinse to shut it down.

Is there even more maintenance on the Fresenius Baby K than on the 2008H? Does anyone know?

The maintenance on the H and K is the same.