Hi Bill, Beth, Dori, Beachy and all others.

Got an e-mail from Pat today which brought back memories of all of you. I just wanted to drop in and say hello. I certainly haven’t forgotten anyone as we had many years of communication and without the support I don’t know if I could have made it through those years.

I see the old discussion of giving IV Iron at home still goes on. I sure had my go arounds on that subject.

My life changed dramatically. I lost my father then 6 months later I lost my mom. Althought it’s always sad to loose someone you love, I am greatful for alot of things. For one both of them lived to a pretty good old age. Their later years were filled with alot of attention from myself and my sisters and they weren’t lacking for anything.

I found myself faced with a lot of free time. It was good to stay at my home again nights although it took
a while for me to get used to it. I have a sister who wasn’t as financially fortunate in life as I. After mom and dad passed I remodeled their home for her. I’m sure they would be very happy. My father had a nice workshop in back of the house and I think he’d be pleased that I am getting alot of use from it still.

With time on my hands and a need to do something I began making a park. In the back of our house,
was a large wooded area. Over 1 acre. I took to cleaning out the brush, cutting down dead trees and making it a park. This year I am putting on Easter Egg Hunt for children ages 2 to 11 that live in the community. I trust the park will be my project until it’s my turn to go.

My talents have changed. I now own and run a bulldozer, loader, backhoe. I have a woodchipper and stump grinder etc. I was so naive when I got the idea of making a park. I had no idea I was going to need so much equipment.

I am still interested and care that the lives of dialysis patients are improved. So if you ever need letters sent to our goverment reps. or anything I can be of service in doing feel free to get in touch.


Hi Marty,

How wonderful of you to come back and post an update for us! I love hearing about all that you’re up to, and agree that your folks would be very pleased with how you are caring for your sister and using the workshop. I bet they’d love your new park, too. You sound like you’re doing a great job of keeping busy and helping others while you do it.

Did you see the online petition for every-other-day (in-center) dialysis? It’s in another thread, but please do sign it–and pass it on to everyone you know. It’s an easy way to help & only takes a minute!

Hi Dori,

Pat sent me an e-mail on the petition and I was glad she did. So I have already signed. I may not be as close to the subject of dialysis as I used to be but I am still willing to be active in anyway to get the changes that will improve the quality of life and independence for dialysis patients.