Future Dialysis

If you are not aware, many strides have been made in preparing dialysis for the future. In ten years or less, I believe that patients will no longer be tied to machines. Yes, we will still have physicians and nurses, but the huge machines will be in the past. As time advances, machines will be become smaller and smaller, as evidenced by Nanotechnology. Dialysis patients will be able to eat pizza and drink beer.


In addition, Home Dialysis Plus(Oregon State University) has developed a dialysis machine that weighs seven pounds and runs at 85%-90% efficiency. The website is down, but, I have seen the machine, it looks like a C-Pap machine that is used for sleep apnea.


The UCLA kidney belt


Cell Printing

Thanks for gathering all this together, NDXUFan12–very cool stuff! I agree that the future of dialysis is very exciting, and won’t be center-based. Anything that technology can do to give folks back normal lives is fantastic in my book. That’s what we’re all about here!