Getting a NxStage

10/20 I am going to an orientation for the NxStage and expect to start using it at home end of October. what will I do with all my free time? I am now doing nocturnal 6X a week on a Fresenius made for home use and it is loaded with bugs. don’t know how many times I just shut it down and went to sleep without dialyzing because I was too tired to start over again. also my sleep is broken many times a night with alarms, just about every time I move in my sleep.
wish me lots of luck and I will report back how it goes.

Good Luck and Keep us Posted I am very interested in this machine and would like to know what it is really like from someone using it.

ok, I went to the demonstration of the NxSTAGE today and was very impressed. preparation for dialysis consists of taking a cartridge with dialyzer and tubing, opening the front of the machine, sliding it in and closing the machine, hanging bags of ultrapure dialysate and a saline bag, hitting the prime button. disinfection means wiping the machine down.
no bicarb to mix, no r/o making lots of noise and wasting gallons of water, no acid, no running tubes.
I will start training approx 11/8.

Can some one give me a phone # for NxStage?

Hi Guest,

The toll-free NxStage phone number (from their web page, is 866-285-1299.