Getting drenched after Hemodialysis

Does anyone else have a problem with getting drenched after Hemodialysis? It happens to me every day and sometimes as much as five times a day? Thanks,Rob.

Rob drenched in what?

I get soaking wet from head to toe, it is so bad sometimes that I have to change my clothes. Sometimes I only have to change my t-shirt,Sox and under close. It’s like I just ran a marathon or something like that, that would cause you to sweat excessively. I don’t have to be doing anything to cause it, I could be sitting watching television or something else like that. I did ask my nurse and she said that it is most likely due to an electrolyte imbalance. Again thanks,Rob.

An electrolyte imbalance should show up in your labs if you had the sweating on the day you drew labs. You might want to describe your symptoms to your nephrologist and review your labs with him/her.

There are a number of conditions that cause excessive sweating. Here’s an article that talks about causes.

Have you reduced the dialysate heater temperature? What is the room temperature when you perform the treatment?

It doesn’t have anything to do with the temperature but, I usually set the temperature setting between 14 and 18.
This often starts as I am finishing my treatment but that first round of it happening is usually not that bad it will stop and I am just a little wet. Then an hour or so later it will start again and is usually worse.then it will stop again and start again a little bit later. Sometimes I get completely wet and other times I only get a little bit wet.
This did not start until I was on dialysis for about two or three months. When I asked my nurse about it she acted like it was a common problem with some people who are on hemodialysis.