Getting medications adjusted in a timely manner

Each month when I go to clinic, those responsible for adjusting my meds ( neph, PA, nurse or dietitian) either don’t attend the apoint or overlook when something should be adjusted. I always have to bring it to their attention first. If the person is not even there, then I have to call him/her to remind him that I need the med adjustment and sometimes it takes days for me to track them down. Does anyone have and suggestions for getting them to do their job? Please don’t say change clinics- I’ve already done that several times and the same lapses go on.

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I had problems with both the first in-center unit and also the first home unit. I found another unit. I spent 1.5 yrs in the bad units till I found the one I’m in now.

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I find that you ( the patient ) is your best Dr. and Advocate. Unfortunately, this is very common in clenics. My advise would be to first talk with your Neph and even the Social Worker if you already have not to make them aware of the issue.
I myself hate when my clenic says that they will call me if there are any changes after they receive my monthly labs. There have been many instances where I have had labs drawn and some of the values were out of wack and adjustments needed done, but no one looks at them until my monthly appt which could be up to 3 weeks after the labs. I now call two days after I have them drawn for the results and keep calling until I receive them.
Dont be afraid to ask questions and bring about any issues that arise. I have a great relationship with my Neph and he knows that if there is a problem, I will be sure to let him know.
Make a pain out of yourself and keep calling until you receive the info you need or until the staff does there job in providing you with what is rightfully yours.



If your want to take control of your quality of life… Keep on top of your situation as it is important to you. Your team has other patients that they are also attending to. It’s the squeeky wheel that gets the grease… Your situation is not uncommon. I think that since you are doing better than most of the other patients; your team takes care of them first and you are not getting the attention that you are wanting… SO the best you can do is keep on top of your situation and know who to contact to find out what the labs were and if there is any meds adjustment required.

I got into the habit of calling the center and talking to the nurse and dietian a few days after I took the blood in… they would let me know weather my partner needed meds adjusted and if required DR prescriptions they would then call the Neph and we would have a prescription sent to the drug store and go get it. And usually get a cal from the Neph and see if thing were alright… Maybe we have been fortunate to have such a well organized team… But take the responsibility on your own and call the clinic and get your blood results a few days after you take the blood there. It is much better than waiting for your monthly visit… Another thing you could do is make sure your monthly visit happens a few days after you take in your labs…

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I too take the bull by the horns so to speak. A few days after blood is sent, I contact the nurse at the center to see if results are in. I also have them fax me the results so I can look at them at see just what is going on. There have been times when I question something that doesn not look right to me and they had just over looked it. This is not done on purpose. They have a lot of patients with a lot of reports. That is why it is so important to be your own advocate!
At the recent clinic trip I questioned the doctor about Ralph’s PTH and we made some joint decisions about how to proceed. He was not upset that I asked questions he was glad I did. Sometimes it gives the Doctor another perspective (view).
We are waiting on some test restults.
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