Getting started training on NXstage machine

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Steve O wrote (re: HD)

No infections

Sadly, not true at all. You’re certainly not likely to get peritonitis on HD, which is one type of infection, but sepsis–blood infection–is one of the leading causes of death in people on HD. Catheters get infected. Grafts get infected. More rarely (but it happens), fistulas get infected. So, please don’t fool yourself. Just because peritonitis is talked about a lot re: PD does not mean that infection isn’t both common and lethal in HD.

Reply to Sara and Jim–
I am a nurse in Marshfield, WI who does the training for home hemodialysis using the NX Stage system and we have been very happy with the machine and the company. I would be happy to answer any questions about our program and would like to give you my telephone number-715-387-7101. My name is Kathy Jepsen. We have been doing daily home hemodialysis since April 2001 and have converted to the NX Stage system in the past year to provide therapy not requiring water treatment and the ability for our patients to have the opportunity to travel without returning to traditional incenter therapy.