Going back in-center

Now that you do home txs., how often have you had to go back in-center and how does the center environment now appear to you?

Since April 2005, not counting when my doctor wants a Transonic done, only once in the dialysis centre for one treatment (this past weekend, and as it turned out, the only thing wrong was the Hi Sense test kit)). I dialyzed in the home dialysis unit itself for a week while developing a new buttonhole (because my fistula is really zigzaggy and dipsy), but this was more like self-care dialysis (short daily every day).

I was a little upset at first when I couldn’t get that stupid test to pass on Saturday and my nurse phoned back to say I was dialyzing at one of the dialysis centres that evening. However, once I got there, I kind of enjoyed seeing and talking to the nurses and other patients I used to see 3 times per week. It was nostalgic already, and nice to have one dialysis where I didn’t have to set up anything. Of course, I put my own dull needles in. They don’t do buttonholes there.


I have gone in center maybe 3 times in 3 years. I absolutely Hate it! I like my freedom at home and my slow treatment I do nocturnal so when I do go in center I get a fast 3-4 hr treatment, and feel that crappy feeling when I get home not to mention I have to go back on a renal diet and take binders again. The techs are always new and the seasoned ones always seem worn out- which is why I still do my own treatment even though I am there. The older techs know all about it so they are ok ,but the new ones aree either in complete awe or have some type of attitude like I shouldnt be doing this -anyway if iI can help it I never go. by the way each time I had to- the machine failed the test and I had to wait for fresenius to come out.

I don’t mind having to go back in-center from time-to-time. Since I’ve been on Home Haemo I’ve had to go there once when on a hospital stay-over; once when the home machine had probs.; once for a diagnostics run on their 4008S. I was even offered a day or 2 in there, a few weeks back, when they were having a ‘break’ between sets of training patients.
I was tempted…but I didn’t in the end.
As mentioned elsewhere by Beachy & Amber, it seem the atmosphere in our Oz in-center clinics is quite jolly. My one certainly is, and being a separate home training unit, it doesn’t have the ‘decrepit old patients’ some on here have mentioned :smiley: that you get in ordinary in-center units.
I’m quite happy to call in there occasionally, usually if I need something, and have a chat with patients or nurses.

Ditto Bear!