Great Mothers Day Article

Just wanted to share a great article I found in todays local paper.

Just copy the link.

Wow, that is quite a story. I’m surprised that Brian is getting daily home hemo in Lynchburg, VA–I didn’t think they offered it, as the “mecca” of nocturnal home hemo. I also wonder why he gets as sick as he does when the disease kicks in, but presumably with only a couple of thousand people in the world who have it, not much is known about it. The article also said that he was wiped out after his 3 hour treatments 6 times a week. It’s unusual to be wiped out after short daily–so that makes me wonder whether perhaps too much fluid is being removed…

Thanks to the person who shared this article. It beautifully answers the question of, “Why me?” that many struggle with. When one reads sad stories in the news today like mothers who kill their babies by putting them in the microwave, it is refreshing to hear of a mother who has given her life to protect her son. I could envision her piling on blankets to keep him warm. Notice, she, a mother, has no problem understanding that her son get’s cold, yet dialysis staff often have no compassion. Yes, he is blessed to have a loving mother who is a tribute to caregivers. And she is blessed to have a courageous son of good character.

I hope they get his tx problems corrected, however, as something is wrong if the needles hurt so much and if he feels unwell post tx. Like so many patients, this young man and his mom could probably benefit from his learning to self-stick using the buttonhole technique and by education on what is causing the post tx unwellness. Sometimes procedures of less than good practice are carried into home programs when the only problem is that education is lacking. One of the greatest benefits of home programs is to be able to correct any areas of poor practice. And, yes, one would think that all home patients in Lynchburg do nocturnal txs, but maybe a competitor has moved in to town or those at Lynchburg have decided there is a place for short daily txs for those who don’t cope well with being hooked up at night?.