Have everybody seen this site yet

Hi Folks

I’m back for a post. I saw this and did not know if this had been posted yet. I’m sure some of you good people have seen it , but I thought of you folks as soon as saw it. Ihope it is of good use to some. It is from the,

Department of Renal Medicine
The Geelong Hospital, Barwon Health
Geelong, Victoria, Australia



Professor Agar is beachy’s main man (well after Mr. beachy, I’m sure). I got to meet Professor Agar a couple months ago he was here in Seattle for an extended stay.

Good to see you b&e I was thinking about you just today when I came across your last post. How’s it going?

You bet, Bill! I met him at a conference down here in Oz and I had to restrain myself from running up and hugging the man! :lol:

Hi Bill

Thanks for asking. I’m doing good , I still go to the net looking for anything I can find. I was not sure if that was linked to this site so I justed wanted to let people check it out. I had not seen that site before. I do miss this site , but I found myself just looking to much to it and not looking up things myself , and needed to get some air.If I come across things that I think might be of worth looking at I will post. Thanks once more

I hope things are well with you.

bobeleanor :smiley: