HD with Nxstage arriving in NW NJ!

I have been on dialysis for close to five years and am in my second unit. I wanted to do home hemo but was unable to make that happen. Now I find out the unit I’m in is going to be offering a home program using the Nxstage machine. They have to apply for a cert. of need from NJ but then it’s a go.
I read in posts all the time that the cost of the machine is prohibitive but I guess they figured a way to solve that problem because I’m told that the machines will be leased not purchased. We are currently planning an addition to our home because it’s very small; I’m hoping to find a suitable corner where I can put my LazyBoy and do my txs… I hope Marty gets to read this post! Lin.,

Lin, That is excellent news!!! Made by day… Can’t wait to hear how you feel when you get home and see the hugh difference it makes in the way you feel and how you live. Do Keep us posted. I’m so happy for you. Aren’t you connected to a Fresenius Center?

Hey, that’s great to hear!

Hope all goes well for you…

Btw, I never heard of companies buying a NxStage, they all lease it…leasing it is the only way NxStage would be able to give support services, it comes with the full package.

Great news, Lin! How long do they say the certification will take? I remember when there was talk of NxStage being too costly for units due to the expense of the bags. So, I, too, wonder how they found a way to afford it or if the orignal info was just a rumor. Will you be doing SDD or SND…how many days/hrs per week?

Thanks all! The certification process (I’m told) has started and won’t take too long. Of course, this is NJ we’re talking about.

Gus, I’m not sure but always heard the machines were costly; I didn’t know they were leased, but when I inquired at the unit it didn’t seem to be a concern. My concern was that it not cost me extra.

Marty, You have been a major inspiration, along with your dad of course, and I thank you for all that you’ve done for me. I hope to do you proud lol
I hope too that you tell your father how inspired I am by his story. Too, by John and Lois’s story. The first unit I was at was an FMC unit and had no luck getting into a home hemo program. I’m now in a Renal Ventures unit and although I was initially told they wouldn’t a program the neph. and staff were very supportive when I mentioned it. Now they are starting the program with the Nxstage machines. They know about this site so I’m sure the unit will list here when the program starts as I’m sure others having the same experience I’ve had getting into a program will love to sign up. I just met yet another person (his mom was the pt.) who was told they couldn’t do home hemo in the FMC program in our area because they have a well and septic. Lin.

Sorry, forgot to say that I was told the txs would be shorter but are done six days per week. I was kind of let down by that because I do like having the entire weekend off. Maybe we can work something out. Lin.

Lin, don’t let it disappoint you to bad, you will be able to work things out and just being home will make such a difference. I’d run 7 days if I had to just to be home. I don’t take full week-ends off but once in a while if something special comes up I do. The idea of home hemo is it is your schedule. By the way 11 days and I poke my first needle.

Oh my gosh , you must be shaking in your shoes, and I can identify with that. I told staff I want Valium lol I guess it’s really mind over matter, at least with me. I’ve certainly injured myself enough times and drawn blood doing it; drawing blood the “right” way seems probably worse than it really is. My husband of course will provide backup; my access is in my upper dominant arm so it will be tricky. Good luck to you; let me know how it turns out. Lin.

Lin, Shaking lets say that is putting it mildly. But if no one has ever flunked at doing the cannulating then I probably won’t either. I hope I’m not the first
to flunk. Pierre has an upper arm fistula (I think) so if you need a trick or two he probably has one.

Poor Pierre has his work cut out for him lol. When I had to give myself epo injections it took at least ten mins. the first time, and that was with an ultrafine needle. When I do this home hemo thingy will send you pics; lord knows you’ve waited a long enough time to see them. :oops: Lin.

We are going to be a partner with the company that Lin is already dialyzing with…

We have a VERY successful NxStage program in Northern NJ…I’ve emailed Lin… Hope to hear from you soon!

If anyone is looking for a location near NYC -Northern Jersey-Rockland or the like, WE ARE IT!

My number is 201-664-6649

We will be involved in local media soon!

Kim Davis
Lillian Booth Dialysis Center- Northeast Regional Home Dialysis Training Center
Westwood, NJ

Hi Kim, I’m hoping things pan out here but if they don’t I’ll be traveling to Westwood, after I map it as I don’t have a clue where it is lol From what staff has told me things are moving along and we should have that cert.any day now. Thankyou for getting the word out; as I well know it’s difficult finding an up and running home program willing to take on more pts… this is the first time I’ve actually seen a post from someone asking for new pts… hip hip hooray! :smiley: Lin.

Hey that’s quite nice of you letting us patients know about your clinic!..I hope other new clinics follow that same path…

If possible, post some pictures of you clinic here… 8)

Do you offer 8 hr 6x week nocturnal txs with NxStage or only short daily? In your program how long does it take to train new home patients for buttonhole cannulation and the machine? How many home patients are trained at a time?