Heart fluttery

Help! my regular GENIUS DOCTOR (Carolyn Cacho in case anyone wanted to know :smiley: ) is out of town and the head nurse went to the nephrology conf. so I’m left with the subs.- my heart feels fluttery -they did a ekg and labs the came back ok.-First guess is I might be too dry so I only took off 1 liter last night it didnt go away! the other was potassium but it was ok any guesses anyone? Im getting nervous here

Can you give us a little more details? Do you mean a skipping heart? If so, its very very common on dialysis patients…even heart murmurs on patients doing 3x a week is common.

I myself has had alot of skipping heart problems in the past when I did 3x a week…some causes can range from calcification, phosphorous, under dry weight,…it really varies and it doesn’t go away after a while you need to see a heart Dr and have more tests done…


Does your doctor have partner(s)? Heart palpitations can be serious. It’s better to be safe than sorry so I’d call the doctor’s office and report the palpitations to the nurse and ask for a call back from the doctor who’s filling in for your doctor.