I have been experiencing a tightness in the middle of my throat followed by my heart skipping a beat anyone ever have this happen. need help very fraustrating

When you have a sensation that your heart is skipping beats, this is called palpitations. Although heart pain is normally felt in the chest, it can be felt anywhere in the upper body, including the jaw. Pain with palpitations can be a sign of a serious problem. These sound like symptoms I would immediately report to my doctor.

Yes, I’ve had those now and then, but when I was incenter dialysis 3x a week. Now that I am at home doing dialysis that barely happens…

i went to see my cardiologist and had a ekg done and nothing shows up on it. I also had a eco done last month everything ok. so I dont know what it is.

That’s great that your heart is OK. Since your heart is OK, it’s possible that your symptoms are related to problems of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. You might want to go to a GI doctor and explain your symptoms and ask what tests need to be done to see if you have an ulcer, pancreatitis, gall stones, or H pylori bacteria in your GI tract that can cause ulcers. If you haven’t had a full panel of blood tests, that would help your doctor diagnose your condition.

I still have the same problem sometimes even if I had a transplant, but my heart is ok so the doctor said there is nothing to worry about, during my four hour treatment I remember I had a hard time with tachycardia and extra sistole

You didn’t say but I assumed that you are on dialysis.

These are some things I would discuss with your doctor:
– Does this happen when you’re on or off dialysis or any time?
– If while you’re on dialysis, when does it happen in the course of your treatment?
– When did you first have these symptoms (how long ago)?
– When during the day are you more likely to have these symptoms?
– What were you doing physically right before you had the symptoms?
– What was your mood before you had these symptoms?
– How long do the symptoms usually last?
– Is there anything you do that makes them stop?
– Do some foods make it worse?
– Are any of your lab values out of range?
– How is your nutritional status? Have you been eating more or less lately?
– How is your blood pressure, blood sugar?
– Have you started taking any new medicine or over-the-counter drug or herb?
– Could your “dry weight” be set too low?

I’m sure there are other questions that you might want to ask.