why do you have so many questions? why dont you ask your doctor?

That is an inelegant way to say it but the sentiment that all web discussion boards have a limited amount of “oxygen” or attention span or a certain I don’t know what (je ne sais pas) is, I think, accurate. Boards have an ecology they function best when they are in balance. Before asking time of others - the time it takes to contemplate and write a post - it is polite to demonstrate your own investment of time - the time to read, contemplate and then build on existing threads is much more engaging. Or the time it takes to give your question context. I know you’re busy but I doubt you are busier than me.

Still, an anonymous snippy comment is more damaging to the ecology of a board then a dozen question sprays.

Whoa Bill - that response went right over my head! Could you be a little less cryptic? In my opinion said person with many questions would be more polite if they actually registered on this board where they have asked so much time of all you home dialyzors!

I think whoever questioned Heather’s Soo many posts am sure there are other patients or people afraid to question that as well. Personally, in my opinion many of the posts Heather has posted doesn’t sound like it comes from niether a patient nor a caretaker but more from someone doing research. I am not saying its a bad thing but it does drain the good feeling of wanting to reply to those posts. Also like some of us registered here its not fair to answer all those questions when the questions are beeing posted by a non-registered user. Anyway, this is free speech so we all have a right to answer or not to answer a post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Down with all the heathers :twisted:

Now, now. We’re here to help people find information, and some folks seem to need more than other. We never really know who is behind a screen name even if people do register. There is a “netiquette” for message boards, but to us, it’s very important to maintain a positive atmosphere where people feel safe asking questions. So, it’s okay to express frustration, but we need to avoid personal attacks.

Agreed, Dora but geez-lou-ise! I get weary just reading those endless questions! And graciously everyone tries to give their best response. Goes to show you what a fine bunch of people utilize this board.

Exactly! :smiley:

I personaly enjoy being able to answer questions. My remark was not a personal attack, it was a joke. Have we not ever seen the movie “the Heathers”??? Sorry if I near missed your heads with that one. Is heather actually one person or different people posting under one name. That would explain why heather has a tendency to ask questions more then once.


We’re glad to have you here in the forum–asking AND answering. :smiley: I loved the movie Heathers–very black humor. If you liked that one (to go off topic), you might also like “Little Miss Sunshine” which is out now.

Thanks Dori;

You gotta see “Cars”!! 8)

my step dad sent me the Vw Van one.

I got the tow truck! :stuck_out_tongue:

“Cars” was great - the animation wonderful. I took my 11 y/o goddaughter and we giggled throughout the whole thing…