Hello everyone! I'm new to this site you can call me Red

I’m very concerned about my low blood pressure during my Tx. at my center! Sometimes my bp will be 70/30’s. I’m not symptomatic. Pre bp usually 110/80. I take no meds for bp, I’m 51and doing dialysis since January of 2015. Any advice out there?

Hi Red! Blood pressure drops during dialysis are called “intradialytic hypotension.” It’s great that you are not symptomatic. Most people whose BP drops as much as yours does get muscle cramps, nausea and vomiting, headaches, and may feel lousy for hours after each treatment. However, just because you can’t feel it doesn’t mean that damage isn’t occurring. Not getting enough oxygen-carrying red blood cells can cause something called “organ stunning” that can harm your heart, brain, gut, and any kidney function you have left. It sounds as if this symptom may be new to you. When did it start? Did something change about the amount of water that is pulled at a given treatment, or the rate? This site is for home dialysis–is that something you may be interested in?