Hello everyone!

Hi! My name is Jason and I’m 30 years old, I’m from Lorain, OH. First, a little background. I have been on Hemo since May of this year and recently got the PD catheter put in on Sept 6. From the get go, I had problems with it resulting with numerous returns to the doc to get it working. So finally last week, we get it to work and the hand exchangws are flawless. So now I start using the cycler at night and always at least six times a night I get the “low drainage” alarm. I use heperin every couple of days and there is never any kinks or problems with the line. What do you guys think the problem could be? Also if anyone could share some typical numbers they might have for the cycler, I would be greatful! I just want to know where I stand before I call the PD nurse!

I usually sleep in a recliner, (due to difficulty breathing when lying flat) but occassionally will lay in bed to sleep. I do notice when I lay in bed I seem to get a lot of low drain alarms, but very few (if ever) when I’m in my recliner. I think this has to do to the position of the body. You might try adding an extra pillow to raise yourself up a little.

My machine is on my right side and I’ve found if I lay on my left side (back to the machine) I sometimes get low volume alarms. You probally are getting a kink in the line.