Hello everyone

Hey I’m new to this site! My home hemo nurse told me about this site. I’m on daily short home hemo treatments and one of a small small number of kids on home hemo. (im 14 anyone else on this site thats a teenager, love to talk!!!) just wanted to introduce myself :lol:

Well hello and welcome!! Am not a teenager but I was once and was also on dialysis at your age once. I first started when I was seven years of age.

Anyway, how long have you been on dialysis and do you stick you own needles?

Are you still in school? Tell me about your hobbies…what do you do on your spare time?

It’s nice to see someone your age here… :stuck_out_tongue:

hey again! I’ve been on dialysis for a year now. I was on PD for a good few months of that time but hated it. I felt really sick all the time because I wasn’t getting good clearance and lost alot of weight! I’m on hemo now and feel alot better. I’m still in training to do short daily home hemo with my dad as my partner. I got my first AV fistula over a month ago so it’s still developing but when It’s ready I’m going to learn how to stick it myself and do the cannulating myself for sure!! I love riding horses and have a big black horse named Xerox who is a real sweetie!!

Its great to hear your feeling better now and am sure you will feel even better once doing every day for a short time…

Nice thing is that you get to have your dad to help you! Your very fortunate to have your dad alongside with you… :smiley:

Hey, that’s great, a big black horse like the one from the movie “Black Beauty” …it must be quite a job keeping your horse in good shape! Is it easy to ride a horse? Never fell off a horse before?

Hi Lizzie!

Welcome! I don’t really know if there are many young dialysis patients that come to this board…but in case you are interested, I know of a livejournal blog where you can interact with quite a few young home dialysis patients. The address is http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=damned_dialysis