Help please


My name is Kelly Buntin, I am a student at DePaul University in Chicago. I am a marketing student and as part of the program we choose a product/service that we believe needs better marketing and create a plan that is reviewed by a graduating commitee. Because I am still in the beginning stages, I haven’t chosen a specific product or service, but I have chosen Dialysis as my topic. I am thinking of creating a marketing plan for equipment that is used in home diaysis. I chose this topic because I have an aunt that just started HD and it has been a “hot” topic in the family. It is also a topic that I am fairly unfamiliar with and am thinking of it as a good opportunity to learn. I am choosing home dialysis because it seems to me that it is less common that HD (my aunts doc recommended HD) and I think more awarness of PD needs to happen. I am looking to hopefully interview a few people who are on PD and take it from there. I am just in the beginning phases of the process and want to understand what the life of a PD patient is like and why they chose PD over HD. I would greatly apprectiat anybody who would take the time to answer a few questions. I can call on the phone, or I can do it by email - whatever is more convienent… Thanks so much…

Kelly Buntin