Helping hand for PD patients

Helllo, I am new!! I have a 28yr daughter who was diagnosed with FSGS Neprotic Syndrome when she was 17. She had reanal failure while a sophmore in college, and recieved a kidney transplant from me. Due to coplications the kidney had to be removed 10 days post op. :frowning: She went on CCPD fisished college with honors then had her second transplant from her Dad. She enjoyed 5 wonderful years, got married, went back to school to get her teachers certificate and is currently a second grade teacher. Unfortunately, the disease reacurred :cry: and she once again is on CCPD. Since being recently laid off I have been going over her house m-f and breaking down and setting up her machine for her. Her second grader’s “poop” her out, and she is so thankful to come home, have her machine set up, her bags warm and the trash taken care of. I would love to start my own busineess helping home dialysis patients, but as you all can well imagine, I am finding it very difficult to get the word out there. It would be nice if I could find a dozen or so patients in my area, set them up, charge maybe $40 a week? Any suggestions? Good luck to all of you, you are a special bunch of people!


Wow, I work about 45 hours a week and I would love to come home and have my machine already set up and most of all, all the trash associated with it taken away.

Maybe you could start by going to your daughters dialysis unit and talking to her nurse. She might have some referrals for you. Also the National Kidney Foundation in your area might be someone to talk to.

It might also be nice to have a nurse give you a class on setting up the machine and then maybe you could give her as a reference to new clients to reassure them that you know what you are doing.

Good Luck, I think that would be a great service.