Here we go again Pd not drain

Ok everything has been wonderful I had no problems Loved being on Pd had kinetic testing done clearence was higher then they expected… I am fast transporter etc etc. Then sat my machine alarms slow drain… have to stand and move around to get it going… Each time worse and worse… now wont drain at all… I fill with no problem in fact I still have all the fluid in my stomach due to the fills that wouldnt drain… I tried manually drain and nothing… Constipation is not a facor but to rule out I even tried med but still no drain, the machine is higher up and never had problem before draining (plus wont drain manual) so that is not problem. I am allergic to heparin so I dont get but before my fluid was clear and no fibrin…they did put actisomethig in the catheter (same idea as heparin) to try and see if there was a fibrin in but still no luck…not working. I am so filled with fluid and feel totally crummy right now …(will go to have hemo later ) but need to get this working…any ideas… I am going to try and get xray later today if not tomorrow to ensure placement (but it fills with no problem no hesitation) My stomach is starting to hurt and wondering maybe that is just because I have been filled for days or maybe am getting infection (last time I did have infection but that stops fill also…

Hi Piglets!
Always glad to hear from you. :slight_smile: Sorry to hear about the new challenges. Since this is outside my area of expertise, I posed your question to an expert nephrologist who sees a LOT of folks who are on PD. She thinks this sounds like you have an outflow obstruction–in other words, fluid can get in but not out (well, you knew that part). It could be caused by constipation, even though you don’t think so, but the most likely thing is that the omentum (a sort of “curtain” of folds of tissues that hangs down from your stomach to other internal organs) is blocking or wrapping around the inside end of your catheter.

A doctor who knows what s/he is doing can use a laparoscope to diagnose AND fix this problem. Or, a radiologist could inject dye to look at what’s happening, and might be able to use an instrument to pull the catheter away from the omentum. It’s possible that you have adhesions, so the first option (laparoscopy) might be a better choice–your doctor would know what might work best for you.

It sounds like this can be fixed, Piglets.

Hi thank for advice as always greatly appreciated… I did have the xray with dye and turns out the catheter moved up and is under my breast bone… They tried to manipulate it and can’t get it. I am waiting for surgeon to give me a call and see if he can do lapro to move it or if he has to re do the whole thing…