HI a newbie joins the club

hi i have been on PD now for 3 weeks and although i live in the UK find your site extremely helpful … My sister is also on Pd and has been for 6yrs and my father was on for 3 mths before recieving a transplant he is now awaiting his 2nd one. I would be interested to find out about the incidences of family members bein so affected by kidney failure… as yet no one has given us a reason or cause.
Any feed back would be welcome or just a note to say hi to someone across the pond would be great.

Hi Kezza,

No diagnosis? And you asked the docs? There are some genetic causes of kidney failure. PKD (polycystic kidney disease) is probably the most common–it causes cysts in the kidneys, liver, and sometimes brain. Since the cysts can be painful, I don’t know that 3 members of your family would have this and not know it. And there might be a test for it? Not sure.

Also some types of glomerulonephritis are hereditary. I’d think a kidney biopsy would tell, if you wanted to know…

many thanks for that reply … polycysctic has been ruled out. Unfortunatley it was considered in all cases that a biopsy was too late … i.e our kidneys were too small

Might be too late for a biopsy to slow down the kidney failure of the three of you who already have it–but what about the rest of your family? Don’t you want to know what it is so you can maybe head it off in the rest of you or slow it down if it’s already there? Having a famly member with kidney disease is a major risk factor for getting kidney disease–could be easier if you konw what it is…

I agree totally … I have already asked to see a geneticist … my son only has one kidney so I believe it is vital for us to find out the cause … I also have a 20 yr older daughter , My son to date has been checked on a regular basis and the advice been given about my daughter is that see should have blood tests on a five yearly basis . I keep my fingers crossed for both of them .

I’m in the same boat you’re in I have no idea what caused my kidney problems have been told it is probally auto-amune system. I am the only one in my family that has had kidney problems. I have had my kidneys ultra-sounded but have deceided to forgo a biopsy (I’m afraid of needles).