Hola from Cancun

I thought some of you would like to follow along while I spend three weeks in Cancun. I am posting to the global dialysis blog site so rather than cross post you can follow along here:

Feliz Navidad

Hola Bill, felecidades en Cancun!

I read a bit on your blog, and must say great report! Now that I’ve read it I feel more confianza of going over there, but now I have to save my pesos to go over there… :lol:

Anyway, que te pases un feliz navidad y un ano nuevo over there… don’t look at those scantily mujeres over there, voodoooooo :roll:

Take care!

i am in maine and its 19 degrees wish i was going

Hi Bill

When is the book being published, it will be a wonderful read?

Once again your stories fill me with hope that I will be able to do even just a tiny bit of whet you get up to.

It is a real pleasure to read your blogs. You are breaking new ground and travelling with a little piece of all of us. A real inspiration!

Cheers and Happy Christmas from Australia.

PS What happens to Cairny when you travel? We are just back from one whole night away and Nelson was all over us like it had been a month!

Thanks Beachy. To my way of thinking being well dialyzed means being able to live the life you were meant to live. Cairny is well taken care of when I travel. He still goes to work - the person who lives in my basement apartment works at the same place I do - so Cairny reckons the only difference is that he carpools with someone else. I also have a friend who´s dog I watch when she leaves town so she organizes Cairny´s schedule making sure he is exersized and receives the level of attention he is acoustom to but I expect a great greeting when I return.


I guess I´ve forgotten my password, must be the sun. I feel for you Terry have you traveled since starting on Hemo? This is the first Christmas in my 42 years that I haven´t been in Chicago, instead Mom and my brother and his family arrive here tomorrow.