Home training

Were most of you trained for home txs while you were dialyzing at the same time? Do you think it would of been better if you had not been on the machine at the time you were training?

I’m not a patient, but I think it is much easier to learn a process by doing it rather than by listening or reading about it. But then again, there are different kinds of learners and that is hopefully a consideration in training people. One limitation is that Medicare only allows a certain number of days to complete training.

No, I think that you need to see theory in action. You are taught by word but learn by deed.

Not sure if my question was understood as I meant it. I meant, patients doing home training might not be mentally clear or physically strong to handle training at the same time they are on txs. Not saying they shouldn’t have hands on learning experience, but wondering if anyone found it stressful at times to focus well on the training while they were simultaneously undergoing txs.? Don’t patients say all the time that it is difficult for them to focus on anything technical while they are on tx? I know Medicare only allows a certain number of days to complete training (btw how long is it?), so maybe that makes it necessary for txs and training to be simultaneous. But just wondering if anyone found the training stressful and would of prefered to train while physically and mentally stronger while off tx?

Regarding patients’ learning styles, I agree that learning by doing is key. But I have wondered how/if programs cater to the various learning styles patients have, and if they don’t take this into consideration, shouldn’t they?
Is the training for home txs so simple that anyone can pick it up easily, or are there approaches that should be taken to address patients’ learning styles and individual capacities for grasping how to self-dialyze?

I had it fine training while doing Txs. Some days I would just sleep through it and my partner would fill me in afterwards. I think it realy comes down to compitentcy. Some people are just not ready to do self dialysis. Others are and will learn, even if that means taking a cartridge home to study on. That’s one of the things we did. I realy liked coming in for treatments and being trained at the same time. I can not see it being feesible any other way. Exactly when would I be trained and not be on the machine? I ran six hour runs during training five days a week. It seems to have worked for me.

We started training while doing treatments. I don’t know the point in training then having a dialysis training. Think there might not be enough hrs. in a day for both. In the beginning if patients are thinking clear the nurse helps more. As the benefits of more dialysis take affect the patients assume more responsibility. Even though Medicare may have a certain amount of time you can train at the Rubin we were given as long or a little time as it took.

         Ah....well if you have a decent home training clinic, they will wait for you to be mentally ready & extend your training if necessary...that's what happened to me. I was so 'ratshit' after a year on unsuccessful  P.D., that we all knew my brain wasn't fucntioning too well  :roll:  plus I was so rundown generally. So they didn't push it for 3-4 weeks. They also gave me a 4th session, most weeks that htey could fit it in, as they could see how badly I needed it!  :)