Home tx problems

What tx problems have you had at home that you could not solve causing you to have to call training nurse or go incenter?

The only problems I have ever had with a tx have been machine problems (Aksys PHD). Luckily, an Aksys technician came out quick enough to fix whatever the problem was, except for one time. I have only had to go in-center for an “emergency treatment” that one time when a tech couldn’t make it out in tiime.

Sometimes, the fix did require me to miss that day’s scheduled tx, but I just rearranged my schedule for that week and took that day off, and dialyzed on the day that I had orignally planned to take off.

The one tx that I had to go in-center for was due the fact that the tech could not make it out for 2 days. The fix that was done on the machine made me miss that day’s scheduled tx, so instead of going 3 days without a tx, I went in-center.