How many years have you been on dialysis and how many hospitalizations have you had related to dialysis other than initial surgery for access?

4 years on dialysis, only one hospitalization during that time (only because I had chest pains on dialysis one day at the dialysis centre and they insisted on doing some heart tests over a period of a week).

Almost 2 years on dialysis and never been hospitalized, even fistula surgery was outpatient.

home hemo 9/04

Since I was first diagnosed, I have apparently had over 80 admissions :? That is from 1993 up to now. The lady at the admissions desk told me last time I was admitted. It seems a bit high, but I have been admitted so many times Ive lost count, so it could be right, who knows. Im thinking they probly count tests and what not as admissions, as we do get “booked in” on the computer for dialysis, appointments, and tests.

Not referring to routine tests-hospitalizations for problems related to dialysis.

I wasnt actually reffering to tests, Im just going on what the admissions people told me. As its the “admissions” department, Im assuming they were all hospital admissions.

I can say though that in the past year and a half, I have been admitted at least 10 times that I can remember, its probly more than that.

Over fifteen years on hemo and one hospitalization. It was November of 2001 I went in for a parathyroidectomy; I spent two nights. It is a bit ironic because I had started daily home hemo on the B Braun two and half months earlier. So I went 11 years incenter with no hospitalizations and then two months after starting high dose I get hospitalized. I also had my fistula created on an out patient basis in May 1990 and I have had no revisions or other problems.

Of course the parathyroidectomy was coincidental to starting high dose home hemo … my PTH got out of whack in 1999 when I traveled around the world for three months. I am afraid I made the mistake of assuming zemplar or some other vitamin D analog would be available on my trip and other than Europe it wasn’t. We spent about a year and half trying to get it back under control but in the end I needed the parathyroidectomy.

Wow, I have been on a long time and can’t recall the number of times I was hospitalized! All I can say is that I was hospitalized during in-center years, but now that I am home since November 2004 I have not been hosptialized yet…the only major surgeries I can recall during in-center years include removal of cadaveric kidney, hip replacement, and parathyroidectomy, all other other surgeries were on outpatient basis.

before home dialysis I was in every other month and with life threatening stuff.Since h.h. I havent been in at all not even once fistula was done ayt 7 am and i was home by 1pm.

Well I had 4 ops for the access - 2 for peritoneal; 2 for fistula. While I was on P.D. I had an incident of rapid heart beat (I forget the clinical term) due to fluid overload. I was rushed in by ambulance. I ‘lost’ 45 minutes, where I was apparently open-eyed & muttering & complaining… :smiley: …but which I have no recall of. I ‘came to’ in the ambulance. Was kept in for a week, for observation & fluid reduction (they got 12 kilos off!). I’ve also spent to separate night in the sleep disorders unit - we had to sign up for this as part of the ‘experiment’ that nocturnal is still classified as here. Hopefully there won;t be too much more…
Incidentally, the ambulance crew were gay and were camply arguing over who was going to drive, until my wife said “Decide!..or I’M driving it!” :lol: