How long to wait in between treatments

How long should you wait between treatments (if any)? The reason I ask is that I had to abandon treatment due to problems - red alarm 24 - arterial access problems.
What is the least amount of time you would wait to do another treatment in the same day? Not sure if you should let your fistula rest for a few hours or is it safe to try a treatment any time.
Im not doing two treatments, im doing one since the first never began.


If you can manage to needle yourself again successfully and without stressing yourself out and it is not too hard to set the machine up again, just do it as soon as you can.

Probably as soon as possible, if you can. For example, at one point I restarted after a failed incomplete treatment and just left the buttonhole needles in with saline in them taped up…while I setup again…another point I used sharp needles as an emergency quick initiation…