How many dialysis compaies?

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How many companies are out offering dialysis? In my area (SE PA) the centers seem to be davita with a couple fmc center. I seen Bill’s center nkc talked on and Rubin center? also. I have a # of davita centers near by ,but they only offer Pd ,no home hemo.

Out here in the country 30 miles east of us Hospital Based Center, 35 miles west of us Hospital based, 70 miles east Hospital Based, 90 miles East Hospital based, 120 miles east hospital based, 95 miles North Private owned and FMC, 60 miles S.East Davita not all have home hemo programs. Closest hospital based centers don’t offer home hemo.

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Due the hospital based centers offer dialysis? I thought that hospitals were emergency dialysis?

In some of the hospitals an area of the hospital is the dialysis center. In the other hospital owned dialysis centers the centers are in a building owned by the hospital but off the premises of the actual hospital. For example one hospital owned center is in a separate building where they also have a section for drug rehab, and a nursing home. The centers either in the hospital or in another building look just like any Davita for FMC center. One of the hospitals actually owns and operates 3 centers each in a separate building each in a different location. One has a very nice setup, the center is located on the 8th floor of the hospital. The hospital physicians in the clinic have their offices attached to the hospital so it’s only a short distance if a physician needs to be called in. To the left of the dialysis center on the 8th floor is a section of rooms for hospital patients. Normally if a dialysis patient needs to be admitted they are put in these rooms as a trip to the center for treatment is maybe 100 steps. Also in the section of hospital rooms is a private room to do dialysis and other blood treatments. In the center itself on the 8th floor there are 2 to 3 private rooms for dialysis.

Several DaVita, a few Fresenius, and a few DCI all within convenient driving distance.

Nationally there are over 4,600 clinics that offer dialysis in the U.S. and its territories. The largest two dialysis corporations are Fresenius and DaVita. However, there are other corporations with around 100 clinics and some providers have one or just a few clinics. Most are “free-standing” but some clinics are “hospital-based.” Most are for-profit, but some are non-profit.

You can find which clinics offer home dialysis in our Find a Center database. If you’re looking for any dialysis clinics whether they offer home dialysis or not, you can look on the Dialysis Facility Compare database. This will give you the names and contact numbers for all the Medicare certified dialysis clinics within a distance that you set from your home zip code (city or county). In PA, there were 225 dialysis clinics as of May 2006.