How old are your buttonholes?

Was wondering what lifespan I might expect from my buttonholes before I have to take a trip to somewhere else? 8)

My husband’s buttonholes are 5 months old.

Over a year old, muahaha! 8)

It’s impossible to tell how long a fistula will last. The main advantage of buttonholes is really just that by using the same hole all the time, you’re not gradually creating a large aneurysm due to scar tissue. You can’t needle in an aneurysm, and so you eventually run out of room to put needles in. For a short fistula, you could easily run out of room in just a few years. I developed two big ones after only 2 years on dialysis.

They can last forever, mine was made in 1984…its a short fistula and has ballooned out into an aneurysm, but still you can successfully use buttonhole on it…

Long term fistulas will require revisions, expecially those that have been scarred from to many AV sharp needle sticking…

Have had my fistula since 1989. My doctors were surprised that it didn’t clot off from non use after my transplants.
they say that often happens but it’s still going strong. Have always used sharps and it is pretty big.

mine were started in jan 05 I have 4 and they say they are beautiful

My fistula was created in May of 1990. I started self cannulation in March of 1991 using the ladder method for the next 11 years. When I switched to high target home hemo in August 2001 I started my buttonholes.

I have one pair that I have used since 8/01 and I have a second pair that is about 2.5 years old.

My fistula was done early last year I think (cant remember when exactly). Its a pretty good one apparently. I had it superficialised, so I dont have the most attractive arm to look at.

Ive had buttonholes for almost a year. Have had to swap the venus site around a few times due to clotting or whatever the hell it was.
Seems to be going well now, on occaision I have had to use a sharp, as the blunt wont go in, for what reason I dont know.
It is much better than sticking yourself in a different spot each time. Far less painful.

They try to get us to have a double set, but for some of us, that just meant they healed up too well between sessions, if you tried to alternate. SO I’m only using the same pair each time & still sometimes have cannulation probs. 7 months on them, so far…