How To Stop Patient tuening?

Our disabled man is in his first week of PD. The alarm goes off and we must get up several times per night to fix the drain tube. Our disabled man keeps turning to sleep on his left side…on top of the catheter and blocking the flow. How can we prevent him from sleeping on that side? He is mentally disabled so speaking to him about it will do little good.
Cfourhorses :?

Can you get one of those long body pillows and put it on his left side so he can’t roll that way easily?

I can get one and try it. I do not now if he will remove it…but it is worth a try.

I wonder if there would be any way you could attach it to the sheet that would keep it there when you wanted it there and you could remove it to wash the sheet. I was thinking of safety pins. However, I’m not sure if he would try to take it off and get frustrated ripping the sheet. I wonder if an expert who works with developmentally disabled adults might have a suggestion for what you can do. You might want to contact The Arc ( to see if they have any suggestions or know someone else who might. This organization’s mission is to help children and adults with cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilities in every community.

Thank you. We placed a box under the matress on that side and it seemed to have worked last night…hopefully it will work long term :slight_smile: