I.v. infusion during dialysis


My mother is receiving an i.v. infusion of branched chain amino acids during dialysis to lower ammonia (due
to cirrhosis). Question - does some or most of it end up getting drained out of the system because of the
dialysis process? Does it make more sense to get the i.v. infusion at home on her off-dialysis days? Thanks.

Not a problem. Amino acids have long been supplemented in dialysis patients when and where there are either nutritional or (like in your mum’s case) liver issues that make their use helpful. They are expensive … so that can be an issue … but no, they are not dialysable - at least not until or unless they have been metabolised and any resultant waste products … urea etc … have been formed, released and thus made available for dialysis removal.

So … no: the AA’s won’t be ‘drained out of her system’ and … yes: it is appropriate that they be given on dialysis. Giving the AA’s during dialysis also allows the dialysis removal volume to be adjusted to account for any additional infusion volume that may be demanded by the treatment.