I'm Officially Home Training

I completed my first day of home training, and coincidentally my first day of dialysis, yesterday. I guess I am their very first patient who is starting out with home hemo as their first modality. I had at least 4 people pop in and ask if it was really my first day of dialysis lol!!

I manage to do one of my own sticks, hit it first time (to be fair I have a VERY prominent, although curvy, upper arm fistula). We will be creating buttonholes for both spots. I think I’m supposed to do both sticks today. I’m barely bruised although the tape (believe it or not) bruised me the worst. I think they pinched my skin between two pieces of tape.

I am very impressed with the staff. They are not only knowledgeable, they seem to respect the patient, and truly want the patient to be a major part of the “team”. I never felt spoken down to or that anything is “written in stone”, they firmly believe every patient is different.

Wish me luck on day two, I am doing 5 days a week but only 2 hours a day. They expect me home within 4-5 weeks.

Cathy glad to hear your 1st day was successful. I’ll wish you luck but am sure you won’t need it. Your capable and sounds like the staff is so you will probably skate right through without luck.

Hi Cathy!

Where are you getting your training, if you don’t mind telling us?

I’m training at Wellbound in San Jose, they are listed on this site. Wonderful organization, starting to spread out throughout N. California.

Thanks! Say, why not suggest that WellBound link from their website to this one? Last I checked, their site didn’t have any links at all, and as a sponsor, we’d love to have them link to us. They might be more willing to listen to this suggestion coming from a patient. : )

congratulations on such a great start. home dialysis staff tend to look on patients as individuals, as opposed to center staff who treat patients with a “one size fits all” mentality.
can’t believe they had you stick yourself on your first visit. I was in training for several weeks when I asked if I could stick myself. seems my trainer was not gung ho on encouraging independence.

Congrats you brave creature!.. 8)

I hope it goes out all well for you…

Btw, which machine did you choose?

I’m on the Fresenius 2008 because I will be doing slow nocturnal. I am interested in switching to the NxStage when and if it gets approved for slow dialysis as I think it will be faster and easier than dealing with the R/O water system.

Cathy, Do keep us posted if you switch to this machine (NxStage). It should be a lot less work and time. I would be interested in knowing how long your treatments can be.

I’m on the Fresenius 2008 because I will be doing slow nocturnal. I am interested in switching to the NxStage when and if it gets approved for slow dialysis as I think it will be faster and easier than dealing with the R/O water system.

That’s really great, Fresenius is some cool cadillac! …as for Nxstage, I’m sure it’s very capable of doing 3x a week, dailyhome, and even Nocturnal but just maybe I think you’ll need to use extra 5 liter bags of dialysate for the Nocturnal method…not sure though.

NxStage was approved by the FDA last month and I have had it at home for the past three weeks. It is GREAT. Very easy to use, very user friendly. Doing dialysis 6 days has left me feeling the best I have felt in years and my energy levels are wonderful!

Good luck to you and I hope you get the chance to investigate NxStage!

NxStage is approved for short daily home use, but not for slow use yet. They still need to figure out the heparin. I believe they already have large enough bags or that they can “hook” them together somehow. I can’t remember exactly what they said.

Yes, the NxStage probably will take more storage space for supplies, but I guess in my life, time is more valuable than space.

For those of you using the NxStage, how long does it take you to set up and get off the machine. With the Fresenius it is taking about an hour, but should be able to get it down to about 35-45 minutes to set up.

Hi All

I’m new to the forum. I’m on HD now for 2years and was just asked by my center if I would like to train on the NxStage. Can anyone who is on the NxStage :?: do you like it or not. Also I do treatments every other day. Can I do that with NxStage and how much time on.

I have patients on NxStage and all are doing well. Set up is 20 minutes, teardown about 5.

Love it!. Takes up storage space but I can honestly say I have never felt better on dialysis. I am even traveling now–something I could not do on three day a week dialysis.

Guest, How long have patients been using NxStage. Do you have many machine breakdowns or problems to deal with regarding the machine? How long did training take?

Have been using 3 months at home. I did an incenter study that was 10 weeks, but felt completely trained in about 3 weeks. I dialyze 6 days/wk about 2hrs. No big machine problems. Other patients tell me they have had minor problems and NxStage swapped them new machines.

Hi All

I am new to the group and I am from beautiful Sydney Australia.
I have IgA neph and had my AV fistula operation on the 20th Dec 2004. In 6 weeks time, I start my HD training and dialysis and i’ve started researching about what to expect and i can be do to make it work for me, without feeling down. Button hole technique seems to be a popular one and i am convinced that this technique is what i will be asking for when i start dialysing, to prevent scarring.

My fistula (thank goodness) is not as noticeable as others due to my deeper vein. I am so looking foward to feeling well again. I am keeping myself fit and healthy in preparation for my HD. It took me a while to come to terms with my disease and my soon-to-be treatment, and I am now embracing it.

It goes to show that when dealing with a chronic illness regimen, instinct can take over and one can discover better ways of handling things. I inted to keep my full time work and still travel around the world.

Gorgeous Vicki

Welcome Vicki,
Here is a pic from when I went around the world in 1999. My brother Charley is on the left. Here is a link to read about that trip - after Sydney I got to spend about a month up in Cairns:

Will you be able to dialyze at home? More frequently that 3x/week?