Where have you gone? I hope everything is okay. This forum is slowing down without you. 8)

Hi beachy!
Trust you are having a spiffy weekend. Not to worry Aussie Sis–I’m around :slight_smile: Spent a lovely Easter dining at a fabulous buffet with oceanfront view followed by a walk on the beach. And this week I’m geting my exercise putting in a veggie and herb garden. Shopping around for a shiatsu massage chair insert for my puter chair (anyone sampled this :?: --woooonderful!!! :!: Come to think of it , would work great right on the dialysis chair :idea: ). Got caught up through buying the 3 latest CD’s by one of my favorite singers on Ebay for the price of one, so been having a music fest. And getting our place ready for home program. Guess you could say I’m doing what I do when I’m not combing the net for dialysis info. But I’ll be jumping in anytime now as I see you all have some interesting threads going. DIElysis… gotta love it lol :roll: