Jessie Starts Dialysis Dec 2nd 06

The day is finally coming, are we nervous …somewhat… are we a wreck? Not a chance… wev’e spent month’s preparing Jess as well as ourselve for the inevitable ! At first Jess was scheduled for Dec 4th to have a catheder place in the neck this was the opinion of Jessie’s nephologist partner but we were not of the same opinion, as far as we were concerned his fistula despite being a month,was ready to access… and his own nephologist confirmed that on Tuesday after taking a close look at his arm.

So he starts out slow real slow… and that I was happy to hear… exactly what we wanted. Now we start preparing him for nocturnal and we have already been in contact with the pioneers of nocturnal, people are in place.

We have been putting things in stages and guidelines only difference is that it’s… Jessie’s stages and his guidelines ! Now he’s the captain of the ship !
We are all his partners and we have faith in “all” involved…

Richard C/O Jessie

Ralph and I wish you all the luck in the world. I know in my heart you will do well.
Jessie will feel so much better once started and than when you switch to nocturnal the difference is outstanding.
God Bless

Richard, I’m really glad that Jessie was able to avoid the catheter. It’s really best to never have one, if possible, and the long, slow dialysis is more gentle on a fistula. Kidney failure is not something anyone would ever choose, but Jessie is very lucky to have you in his corner.

Luck on the process, it will be hard at start and along the way it starts evening out and less stress. Just give much support and encouragement…its not the end of things but just a challenge in life.