Hi… Been awhile since I’ve posted at this site…but been here off and on picking up information from all of you people… Jessie is doing just fine since starting maintenance in-centre dialysis Dec 2 06… he’s come a long way for a 18 year old… he managed to play out his hockey season…which was his dream … he’s graduated from high school dispite of all that he’s been through…we are all very proud of this fella… Here in Northern Ontario… Jessie has become a light for dialysis patients wanting to do home hemodialysis and nocturnal…he’s been the subject of numerous media articles and even became the spokes person for donour awareness. The battle for home dialysis continues to this day and will never cease until the day comes that we in the north have the same choices as our counterparts in the south. Jessie will be in a program very soon London University is working out the details and the primary Dr Bob Linsay who we have already met personally is taking care of these matters. Humber Regional , Dr Andreas Pierratos , is also interested in Jessie’s case…Toronto’s St Mikes is also well aware of Jessie’s situation…so this will happen for this boy. Dr John Agar has been instumental in encouraging Jessie… to him we owe many thanks… it was John who solidified our own thoughts on buttonholes… for month’s now Jessie self cannulates… runs up his own machine and pretty well has taken complete control over the situation… he’s become accustomed to reading and understanding blood work … all and all this was all done at break neck speed… because it was what he wanted… he’s become the captain of the ship and is steering right towards nocturnal and just wants to bring other patients onboard.

Richard C/O Jessie