What does everyone do for work? How flexible is your employer regarding your schedule due to being tired or not feeling well?

Interesting question, but we’re not much help. :frowning:

My husband owns his own small business and hasn’t really been able to work since October of last year. We are hoping that he will be able to use a NxStage machine so he can travel and go back to work. There is no way he could work. On good days he can cut the grass or wash his pickup truck. On his bad days he’s too tired, sleeps off and on around the clock, an hour or two at a time. At 15% function I guess that’s to be expected.

I would be very interested in how those already on the NxStage generally feel and if any of them are working full time and how have they had to change their work habits.

Well, before I ever started NxStage I was like a Zombie in bed alot, hardly and barely graduated from college in 2002…

Now after coming home with my NxStage I was able to go back to college and continue some courses.

If you already have a job, then its easier keeping it, but chances are you’d need to go back to school for retraining on a new job.

Are you looking for work? I work through the Carpenters Union as a “tradeshow specialist” and have found it to be a good fit. I started working through the union in January of 1995. From 1/95 to 9/01 I was able to successfully combined incenter dialysis and work. Taking dialysis home (and going from field shift work to a 9-5 office job) has made combining the two easier.

Union insurance is very good. There are all sorts of union jobs.