Just thought I would stop by and say hi ya'll

Hello everyone,
My name is Troy Jolly. I live in Alvin, Texas.
I just started dialysis treatment on 12/12/05. Spent 5 days learning how to use the nxstage machine. Now it is at home. I have had some issues with it, I won. They are bringing me a new on somtime today 12/31/05. They gave me the option for this unit because I work in Corpus Christi and live in Alvin. Some 275 miles apart. Any help or information on how to make things easer would be welcomed.

Hi Troy,

Welcome to our site. I’m thrilled that you found it so soon. Several people who post regularly to the site use the NxStage machine. You might want to look at some of the past postings to see if you can find some tips there, but I’m sure it won’t be long before one of the other NxStage users responds to your message.

Howdy Troy and welcome! …

They’re gonna bring you a new replacement on my birthday! I turn 36 today…hehe, maybe they should bring it to me eh? (jokingly)

As far making things easier, well, enjoy the most of it now that your at home!..Home sweet home! Nothing like it, nowehere. The more you do it the more you feel very secure and confident and best of all the true sense of freedom of feeling free…enjoy it!

I am glad to see a responce so fast. I hope that ya’ll don’t mind if I ask a lot of questions. I have had problems my entire live, so the diease is not new to me. The nxstage is a whole new monster. I started sticking my self on the second day, and am still not 100% sure of what I am doing. But I don’t have a choice. I have to keep working. Any way I hope to make new friends and be around for a while. See ya later. Happy new year and happy holidays.

That’s okay Troy, who doesn’t have problems? We all do, but hey we’re here to listen.

NxStage is a whole new monster? I thought it was a little monster… :smiley:

Why aren’t you 100% sure about your needle sticking? Are you using buttonhole method?

No I’m using something that resembles a 3” drilling pipe, at least to me. :shock: :oops: I have a phobia of needles, isn’t that kind of funny? :lol: But I’m getting better. I’m using standard needles. They are about the size of a coffee stirrer, and an inch long.

Where in the USA are you? I’m guessing somewhere in Texas or New Mexico, reference to rattle snakes and jerky. Centerville, Texas has some very good jerky, all types.

Yeah, I have a fistula. It must be about and inch in dia…, upper left arm.
About Centerville, you will have to look up Woodies or Woodys somthing like that. It was a Shell gas station with a deli type rest stop in side. They must of had fifty different types in there.

My uncle Bo live out ther in Cali. some where in Orange County. Mabe we will get to meet someday.

Do you use the button type with the nxstage machine?

I wish that was my uncle. Thanks for the link, I will have to check into it. I was expecting it to look like a button though. How long do they last? And yes that is Woodys.

Yes, I know who they are. I also ride when I get the chance. There is a place here in Seabrook that rents custom choppers for the day.

As for telling me NO they did not. In fact they told me not to use the same hole.