Lack of focus, concentration issues on PD

Lately I’ve noticed a lack of focus and concentration. I feel it’s been going on for a while, but I haven’t put the two together. I thought I might just be because I’m tired all the time, but I’ve begun to think PD might be the cause. I’ve been on it for just over 2 years, 3 months. I did hemo before that for 8 months.

I haver had the same problem deed a sleep study check into getting one to rule out that problem you my be surprised

Rule out what problem?

Dear Bilman13,
Usually the lack of concentration and focus is related to CKD no necessarily to PD. You should discuss with your doctor to see if there is any biochemical inbalance that can justify your lack of concentration.

While difficulties with focus and concentration have a myriad of possible causes … and I do NOT mean to suggest ANY of these apply to you as I know NOTHING about you but, among the more common are cognitive decline [age-related OR vascular-related OR Alzheimer-related], depression [recognised or un-recgnised], and treatment-related fatigue … the duration of your PD (now 2 years) raises the possibility that your peritoneal membrane may be beginning to under-perform (fail), and you are ‘under-dialysed’.

Have you had your recent 6 monthly PET test? Is your clearance holding up? 2 years is about the time that a time-dependant decline in residual function begins to ‘bite’ as you depend more and more on your peritoneum for all clearance, with less and less ‘additive clearance’ from your residual.

A PET test has to be the first cab off the rank as this is investigated. If you ARE losing your clearance, then early conversion to home haemodialysis - and in my view, preferably long slow frequent overnight home nocturnal haemodialysis - may be the wisest move.

You need to take your concerns to your treatment team. Internet advice - like mine - while well-meant, may shoot well wide of the mark. Go to your team. But … if you haven’t had a recent PET, then that’s what I would be doing. They SHOULD be done as a routine at 6 MONTHLY INTERVALS in all PD patients, or about a month after any episode of peritonitis, to keep the function of the membrane (= your lifeline - just like a vascular access is for HD patients) under close watch.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. There are other possible factors to consider. I’m just trying to rule them one by one. I will discuss it with my doctor too.

John_Agar, my last PET test had good results. I’m probably close to the next one. Every other month they check my clearance and it’s always good. I get bloodwork done monthly and those numbers are always good.

Stuart_Mott, I do have sleep apnea and am overdue for another sleep study and adjustment to my CPAP. That’s the next possibility I want to rule out.