What flooring materials do you put under your machine and related equipment to protect against blood and solution leaks?

My floor is basicly made of concrete with commercial tiling over it…the machine itself sits on a metal file cabinet that has a rubber backing which prevents any leaks from spreading through the floor.

However, the mop is nearby and of course a Vac … :wink:

Nothing. It’s on a hardwood parquet floor which is installed over concrete. I simply put a big towel down around the front and side of the machine to catch the normal droppings of dialysate and saline that are inevitable when preparing a treatment and then the drops that happen when disconnecting and reconnecting the dialysate lines during disinfection.

I guess if there was a big leak, I could have some damage. I do have a leak alarm on the floor under the dialyzer, and another one under the water purifier. I test them regularly, and boy, they goe off instantly and LOUD.

One time while recirculating, there was a pinhole leak in the drain bag hanging on the IV pole. I wasn’t in the room, and by the time I got back, it had leaked almost 800 cc’s of saline onto the floor. I just soaked it up. No harm done.

I know some people who have taken more elaborate measures like building an enclosure on the floor with plastic sheeting which the machine sits on. I guess I could do something like that if I ever get around to it :slight_smile:

It can’t be too restrictive though if you’re doing nocturnal hemo. You have to be able to easily move the dialysis machine to and away from the bed.


When my S.O. and I did home hemo, (F2008H) we had only old hardwood floors. However, they were heavily sealed with polyurathene (sp?). Occasionally I would put a plastic bag under the machine but that tended to make more of a mess. All the mixing was done in the kitchen on a tile floor.
The hardwood floors made it easy to see the dried bicarbonate, etc… and easy to clean up with a rag.
I remember when we did PD upstairs and the fluid drained into the shower stall about 20 ft. away via the tubing. One day a cat decided to dislodge the end of the tubing and it leaked, and leaked through the cieling and down on top of my head sitting at the dinning table. Funny in away, stained ceiling with Lois’ urea. Ha!
But anyway, the hardwood floors worked well.

We replaced about a 6’x8’ section of carpeting with vinyl floor covering in the corner of our bedrooms under the 2008K and R/O. I’ve made enough mistakes over the past three years resulting in flooding that I’m glad we have the vinyl floor.


I have wood laminate floors and they work great.