Len's Home Setup

Len, from Vancouver Island BC wanted to share this photo of his home setup but the photo was too large to upload so I adjusted it for him…he’s using a Gambro AK95 and does Nocturnal with it…6x week at eight hours each session…

Thanks for that Gus. I have the same RO but mine is kept behind closed doors in the wardrobe. Was wondering how Len manages to sleep with the RO that close??

Sure thing Beachy,

I had a brief chat with Len over MSN Instant messaging but didn’t go into much details, but will remind him about this post…


Ive got the same old clunker of a machine :smiley:
Beachy, what do you mean by “having the RO that close”? Is it the noise?
It doesnt bother me too much, and I cover all the lights up with towels. The noise that bothers me the most is the taps running.

I’ve got a later model R.O…'s just as noisy tho! :?
Apart from the taps, I’m lucky … :roll: …to also have a pump outside the window, as our drainage is on the far side of the house, so it intermittently empties via pipe in the roof, shuts off with a whoosh & a clunk! :roll: …but hey, if you’re tired enough!! :slight_smile:
If I had it all in the bedroom where I also slept on the ‘off’ nights, I’d definitely want to be able to shut the lot away!

Funny how you can obsess about some noises. Our first RO sounded like an angry mud wasp even behind the closed door, so the nice tech got us another one seeing as we were becoming so obsessed with the sound we couldn’t sleep a wink. As he said, “there is no way I could sleep with that racket”!
Hubby being a muso is very conscious of sounds and I thought he wouldn’t be able to sleep well but he adjusted fast, as soon as he saw we could get through a night without alarms.(God, we hate that sound!)
Most nights we can sleep with the Freni in dishwasher mode but last night that sluishing sound was driving me nuts and I was ready to rip the lines out and give it all away at 1am. This is where the hubby becomes VERY useful in getting me through those LONG nights…

Bear, do you mean you have one of those new RO’s? I thought they would be quieter!
Beachy, I dont find the fresenius alarm anywhere near as annoying as the Gambro :smiley: