What type of lighting do you use when you have to turn the light on in the middle of the night?

I just use a small flashlight when I need to for quick checks. Usually, if there’s an alarm, there’s enough light from outside that I can see everything. I have a battery-operated camping light on top of the machine in case there is a power failure, so I can take myself off (it’s night-time, so it’s dark). My machine is in a bedroom that doesn’t have any permanent lighting at all. I have to use lamps. I just have a simple table lamp near the machine.

I would like to get a more powerful desk lamp for that, preferably one with a fluorescent tube. I find that the only thing I really need bright lighting for is when I take the scabs off my buttonholes, and then when I put the needles in. Sometimes, it can be hard to see exactly where the hole is, especially under a coat of betadine. You really have to hit that hole just right. Keep in mind it’s dark outside by the time I set this up. During daytime, when I was doing short daily, there was plenty of light from the window.

I also need bright light to be able to interpret the various test strips I use over the course of a week. I just go into the bathroom for those.

Overall, I don’t think I have an ideal setup at the moment, but it’s workable.


Again, I’m not nocturnal but my light would work great. I use a touch floor lamp with a 3way light bulb. So I just reach and touch it for a dull light, and touch up to two more times for brighter light. I got this lamp at Target for under $30. I have an emergency flashlight and light for an unexpected power outage.

You have to have the famous CLAPPER 8)

For emergencies where I need that extra light power…